No Name Road

Who am I ?

40 years old.


Living in France for the past 15 years and now in Nice.

Just call me SideSquare, Mr S, “Oi, you”, “Fool” , or any other moniker that might come to mind. Please be inventive.

No photo? No real name?

It’s deliberate. I have made an effort to strip the site of direct identifiers.

The aim is not to stay truly anonymous (some readers will recognize me), and I will not deny it if someone calls me out, but rather the point is that this site is about what goes on inside (as explained in the About page).

The great thing is to discuss, to probe, and I hope that you will find the content interesting and perhaps even stimulating.

If you want more information or feel liking guessing my name, feel free to use the Contact form. I will get back to you. Promise. Straight up.

If you want to get to know me, to see if we can do something together, I believe that this is the best way. I can not adjust what the blog has to satisfy the expectations of all readers and by visiting the articles and comments I have written over time, you should get a fair idea of who I am.

On other pages you will find What I do (and have done), and Why and How I do it. Of course those go a long way to add to the sum of my parts, but on this page – the Who page – you can find indications of the more elusive details.

I am curious and analytical. I am loyal and sociable. I am apparently intelligent – some will say that I am stupid and some will say that I am a genius. All that you will decide for yourself.

I think that I am going to enjoy this.


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