Welcome to Side Square, and in particular the About web dnapage.

This is a personal blog for providing information about myself and what is going on.

I think that you will find the content of the site useful for many reasons, depending on who you are.

At the time of creation (June 2012), I am embarking on a major development programme for my professional career, combining my experience, knowledge and abilities into a package, enhancing them with new skills, and delivering them to a wider world.

The blog’s structure

In the main menu you will find those famous questions:

  • WhoP question
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • Why
  • How

Up to you to decide which to delve into, and in which order. They will tell you about me and what I am doing and planning.

In addition to the main menu there are post categories.

The principle categories are the Business posts and “The Editor’s Page”.

Business posts give my take on subjects affecting business today. They are the main focus of Side Square. I feel that anyone who wants to work with me in any way needs to know what they are getting into.

Rather than starting on the wrong foot because  of some incomplete understanding of each other, I have decided to

put my reputation where my mouth is

While I believe in what I say, I am very interested in discussing and improving the knowledge on which I base that opinion. So please feel free to comment.

“The Editor’s Page” is a collection of posts on various subjects that can cover fields from society, current affairs and economics to medicine,  science and technology.

Once again, feel free to get in touch and comment. There is no need to be logged in to post.

I do ask you to moderate your language and comments so that the blog is available to all. I have declared the site as suitable for all. I will not accept incitement to crime, hatred, terrorism or other doubtful activities.

I have an open mind and hope that you do to, and comment at will. However, be aware that I will not hesitate to remove anything that I find offensive to others. You’ll have to do a lot to upset me, but I can not have you upsetting others.

For now, happy reading, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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