Adieu, Minitel. Sniff

A strange game. The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess?  – Joshua

It was a great lesson, today taken a bit for granted as the noughts-and-crosses model has essentially entered our everyday culture.

However, go find a young person, now hell-bent on tele-engaging over social networks and given over to the religion of compulsory self-expression, who understands that sometimes it is better to not open the door, but rather one should analyse and step back.

A game of chess (I’ve never had the patience to call it nice) is preferable thanks to its complexity and the wide range of routes two players can take to get to the end – even if that end is a stalemate.

The important thing here is that until we are ready to handle our new technologies and have ridden out the waves of collective reactions, people will continue to knock their heads against the wall without pulling back, and definitely we will have to keep those Minitels plugged in until it is safe to fully move on, fully embrace the wondrous new open space that is now mature, and withdraw the safety net.

[Thanks to IMDb for the quotes from WarGames. For more follow this link ]

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