Adieu, Minitel. Sniff

It was great. Not that I ever had any plan to crack into the Pentagon’s network. Honest. But it was cool.

…Let’s play Global Thermonuclear War.  – David Lightman

An acoussic coupler modem.

An acoussic coupler modem. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I look back at the film, I vividly remember the teenage hero, David Lightman, dialling up on his telephone (I think he had his own line for which he hacked the billing) and connecting the receiver to the cradle on his modem. THAT was advanced. “If only I had his set up”, I thought.

How far have we come? Honestly, not that far. It was fast-paced and costly, but I tend to say that the true creations are not that many. I don’t count technology improvements like miniaturisation as true advances.

The best news is that we have so many wonderful inventions and discoveries to look forward to in the future.

Thank heavens that things have not moved faster. Look how we as humans are struggling with what we have today. The information overload, the ever-broadening choices. We are only just learning to organise and cope with the explosion, and once that step is complete we will be ready for the next, bigger, wave.


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