Adieu, Minitel. Sniff

Reading through this morning’s news bulletin from Riviera Radio, I came across a piece, alongside the articles about the Euro zone and Jérome Kerviel, informing us all that on Saturday 30th June 2012 the famous French Minitel service will be definitively cut after 30 years of service. Read More…


Riviera Radio – a British breeze on the Côte d’Azur

Over the past 15 years I have developed an appreciation for the number one English-speaking radio service on the Côte d’Azur.

Based in Monaco, they have good music (if somewhat repetitive) and I always read their daily news email bulletin – I look forward to the day they set up an opinion column, perhaps with guest writers. The breakfast show is wonderful and the night-time playlist just right.

To anyone travelling to the region I recommend tuning in and giving it a go.

106.5 FM

The first link – WordPress

English: WordPress Logo

The first link added to the blogroll is naturally this site’s hosting platform.

Many thanks to WordPress for a great free service. It is not excellent and far from perfect but, having used some other services and looked at many more, I find that it does a great job and satisfies my needs for now.

You know who you are


Droopy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

[Screams of joy]

I’m so happy…



First published post, first Twitter follower.

You know who you are……and I thank you.

I hope that in the future you will not feel the need to unfollow, and above all that you will find the articles interesting – I look forward to you comments, my Dear First Follower.

In the meantime, happy travelling and keep smiling.

Direct mailing

In a tough business environment we all need to get our products known to as many customers as possible, whether it’s in a consumer market or a professional one.


Typical advertising mail


One of the classic ways is direct mail, be it by email, flyers, or traditional postal services.


I must point out that I agree that advertising and getting your message to as wide an audience as possible  is fundamental, but I also think that we need to re-consider what is being done and how. Read More…

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